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Panel Profiles

Every Aurora® Custom Fiberglass door begins as two detailed fiberglass skins, which are created in molds made from our IWP® Custom Wood doors. These skins are made with our exclusive Strata™ technology, which incorporates multiple layers of resins, tinted resins, base colors and reinforcing materials for greater structural strength. Next, the skins are adhered to engineered wood frames with our exclusive core materials and bonding agents that permanently lock the skin to the frame. The skins are not only durable but also authentic in appearance.

  1. Permalane™ prefinish
  2. Matching hardwood edge band
  3. LVL (laminated veneer lumber) stile
  4. PolyMicro™ foam core
  5. Detailed fiberglass skin
  6. Raised Panel
  7. Raised Moulding

Classic Fibegalss Door Profile

Traditional appearance

  • Raised panel
  • Double hip raised moulding

Estate Fibegalss Door Profile

Unique raised fielded panel with convex raise

  • Raised panel
  • Raised moulding

Craftsman Fibegalss Door Profile

Simple, clean design

  • Flat panel
  • Non-profiled sticking

Contemporary Fibegalss Door Profile

Modern design

  • Flat panel
  • Non-profiled sticking

SDL Fibegalss Door Profile

  • Composite grilles matching door skin
  • Internal metal shadow bars
  • Clear insulated glass
  • Raised moulding