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DOOR HARDWARE - available for sale only with purchase of a door

Monterey Entrance Trim

Dimensions: 1 7/8 x 23 (inches)
Model Manufacturer Function Style Material Shown in Finish
6565.15  BALDWIN  Mortise entrysets Classic  Brass  Satin Nickel 150 

Option As shown
Lever/Knob Option As shown

You'll find the quality, peace of mind, and beauty you expect from Baldwin in every lock. True to Baldwin's tradition of quality and craftsmanship, each Baldwin lock is meticulously crafted of the finest materials and with the utmost attention to detail.


 Available Finish Options:

Available Finish Options:
Satin Nickel 150 Finish Option
Non-Lacquered Brass 031 Finish Option
Vintage Brass 033 Finish Option
Lacquered Vintage Brass 034 Finish Option
Aged Brass 038 Finish Option
Satin Brass 040 Finish Option
Matte Brass and Black 049 Finish Option
Satin Brass and Black 050 Finish Option
Satin Brass and Brown 060 Finish Option
Polished Nickel with Lifetime Finish 055 Finish Option
Satin Nickel with Lifetime Finish 056 Finish Option
Polished Nickel 140 Finish Option
Antique Nickel 151 Finish Option
Matte Antique Nickel 152 Finish Option
Polished Chrome 260 Finish Option
Satin Chrome 264 Finish Option
Polished Stainless Steel 320 Finish Option
Satin Stainless Steel 324 Finish Option
Distressed Antique Nickel 452 Finish Option
White Bronze 492 Finish Option
Oil-Rubbed Bronze 102 Finish Option
Venetian Bronze 112 Finish Option
Satin Black 190 Finish Option
Distressed Oil-Rubbed Bronze 402 Finish Option
Distressed Venetian Bronze 412 Finish Option
Dark Bronze 481 Finish Option

Select Interior Lever or Knob

 Lever Options:

5138 Estate Lever Option
5161 Estate Lever Option
L015 Estate Lever Option
L017 Estate Lever Option
L018 Estate Lever Option
5116 Estate Lever Option
5118 Estate Lever Option
5101 Estate Lever Option
5108 Estate Lever Option
5117 Estate Lever Option
5121 Estate Lever Option
L002 Estate Lever Option
L004 Estate Lever Option
L006 Estate Lever Option

 Knob Options:

5045 Estate Knob Option
5073 Estate Knob Option
5011 Estate Knob Option
5050 Estate Knob Option
5065 Estate Knob Option
5001 Estate Knob Option
5067 Estate Knob Option
K002 Estate Knob Option
K003 Estate Knob Option
K004 Estate Knob Option
K005 Estate Knob Option
K006 Estate Knob Option

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