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Fire-Rated Doors - Custom Wood Doors


Doors For Builders has the capability to produce completely custom made and architectural grade Fire-Rated Doors wooden doors that are officially certified and rated up to 90 minutes. Because each Fire-Rated Door is made to order we do not have to sacrifice style or design because of a necessary rating. The architecturally driven process allows your unique ideas to be brought to reality as completely certified units that meet your local fire codes. Our custom solutions are perfect for historical restorations, landmark projects, religious organizations, high-end commercial and hospitality establishments, and all other areas where a simple flush metal door will not do the job justice. From replacing extremely elaborate doors in a landmark hotel to providing a custom designed church entryway, Doors For Builders will turn your ideas into certified and rated reality. Specializing in a furniture quality product, we finish the doors to your exact specifications. The ability to match distinct designs, produce custom sizes, and choose from a variety of wood species and unlimited finishes will make sure that your custom made Fire-Rated Doors will be exactly what you are looking for.

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By using a fire rated core in the Fire-Rated Door manufacturing process we can custom make units that are rated 20,45,60, and 90 minutes. Instead of being stuck with hollow metal frames for rated applications our process also allows the jamb to be rated to provide an entire entry system that will completely match in terms of wood species, design, and finish. We can also provide a wide variety of fire rated glass and glazing types that will not limit your design options to ones that don’t let in any light. We can machine for all hardware including hinges, locks, closers and other adequately rated hardware that is specified by our clients. Custom wrought-iron decorative elements are also available on request. CAD drawings will be supplied for review so all of the design specifications are met and any changes can be made before a final approval moves the Fire-Rated Door unit into production.



Most of the designs on our website can be rated so you can specify that you would like to quote Fire-Rated Door in the additional comments section when requesting a quote. Some designs may need to be altered in order to be certified in terms of the glass size, stile and rail, and overall dimensions as well. If you would like to request a fire rated quote for a design of your own you can e-mail your enquiry to or click the button below. Please provide dimensions, required rating, any design inspiration whether it be an image or drawing of your own, and any other pertinent details and we will get back to your request

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Doors For Builders – The Right Choice for Doors For Builders is the Right Choice for Wood Entry Doors, Custom Entry Doors by Doors For Builders. Custom Interior Doors and Wine Cellar Doors

The front entry door sets the stage for any visitor’s journey through a house. First impressions are set early on and the entry door is the part of the home that often gets the initial close look. Most older front doors made of wood often show their age prematurely because of inadequate treating and finishing to protect against the weather and heavy wear. At Doors For Builders, we bring together superior craftsmanship and modern manufacturing to give the home owner an entry way they can be proud of.

Doors For Builders is a leading provider of beautiful wood entry doors, front doors and exterior doors and an industry pioneer in specialty custom entry doors and custom interior doors. With a focus on leading-edge design, product innovation, manufacturing excellence and customer service. Doors For Builders Custom Door Program delivers unique beauty and superior quality.

The front door of your home makes a lasting impression that will beautify and accentuate any home style. We are committed to offering a line of beautiful and durable wood entry doors, custom entry doors, and custom interior doors that add elegance to any home. Remember Doors For Builders; the right choice for your wood entry doors, or custom door needs!

We also provide a flat fee shipping rate to most states in the US including: California, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Virginia, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Washington, Michigan, Colorado, Minnesota, Ohio, Maryland, Oregon, Utah and Arizona.

Express delivery may be an option for the following cities: Miami, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Richardson, Austin, Denver, San Diego, Minneapolis, Tampa, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Plano, Dallas, Houston, Arlington Heights, San Jose, Rancho Cucamonga, Mt. Laurel, Washington DC, Holmdel, Raleigh, San Francisco, Sacramento, Pittsburg, Oklahoma City, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Gaithersburg, Columbus, San Antonio, Milwaukee, Boston, Huntington Beach, Saratoga Springs, Arlington, Charlotte, La Grange, Staten Island, Cincinnati, Tucson, Troy, Portland, Gainesville, Seattle, Springfield, Skokie, Schaumburg, Jacksonville, Conroe, Naperville, Cherry Hill, Indianapolis, Nashville, Chatham, Aurora, Long Beach, St. Louis, Memphis, Tulsa, Palatine, Ft. Worth, Richmond, Madison, Westport and Oakland.

With the strength of the Euro, Canadian dollar, and other foreign currencies, premium solid wood entry doors from Doors For Builders are exceptionally affordable. We now ship to Canada including such cities as Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Regina, Victoria, Ottawa, Windsor, Quebec, and Halifax. In Europe, we deliver to England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, France, Austria, Poland, Russia, Czech Republic, and Turkey.