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As opposed to offering bare-bone door replacements, known as slabs, we are offering complete “entry systems”.  With an entry system, a door is pre-hung in its frame, the door’s bottom edge interlocks with the threshold and compressed weatherstripping encircles the door perimeter for a tight seal.  We use exclusively Q-LON®weatherstripping by Schlegel®, unless specified otherwise. Hinges are mortised as part of the system, and the standard tubular double-bored lock is predrilled on all but
2-1/4"thick doors.

PREHUNG ENTRY SYSTEMS - WOOD ENTRY DOORS Where applicable, sidelites flank the door on one or both sides.  Our single sidelite is usually 14" wide and always present on the lock side, and our double sidelites are 12" wide each.  Double doors come standard with manual flush bolt levers mounted to the door edge in easy-to-reach locations.  Flush bolt levers engage locking bolts at the head (top) and sill (bottom) of the inactive door.  Our threshold is adjustable, which will allow installer to easily lower it or raise based on the final installation conditions.  Durable weather guards are installed on the majority of our doors.  The weather guard, threshold and hinges are all of matching matte patina color. 

With a pre-hung system, all components are designed and machined to work together reliably and with uncompromising energy efficiency.