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Arched Door Options - Interior Doors

VG2020 arch-top in douglas fir MDF Door

VG2020 arch-top in douglas fir

TS2080 radius-top in MDF

TS4070 radius-top in MDF

Soften the look of a conventional square-top door by adding an arch or radius to the top. Arch- and radius-top doors create architectural interest and can be used effectively across different architectural styles — from Mediterranean to Colonial.

All of TruStile® arch and radius panel and glass doors are available with an arch or radius top. What’s the difference between the two styles? Arch-top doors are slightly arched, while radius-top doors are more rounded.

Common Arch Pairs

Rather than placing two matching doors side by side, common arch pairs carry details across both doors, such as curved panels and rails. The end result? The doors actually look like they were made for the opening. Common arch pairs are also available with arch and radius tops.

TS3040 standard arch doors MDF Door

Standard pair of TS3040 doors

TS3040 with common arch pair MDF Door

TS3040 with common arch pair

Common Arch Pair Large MDF Door

TS3160 common arch pair in mahogany with Reeded glass

Common Arch Large MDF Door

TS8010 radius-top common arch pair in knotty alder with custom glass inserts

Common Arch Pair Large Door
Common Arch Door
ts2090 Arch Top MDF Door