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Custom Solid Wood Window, Sample DB-8


Casement Windows – units that are comprised of one or more opening casements, attached to one of the frame sides by hinges. Units hinged at the top are Awnings. Units hinged at the bottom are Hoppers. Our glass is from only the finest US and European manufactures and we offer all types of specialty glass including laminated, Low-E, and Beveled, just to name a few. We are able to listen to our clients and are willing to provide flexibility in a world that is often geared toward mass production. Our Casement windows prove that fact. Whether it is a French, Crank-out, or Friction Push-out, we will meet your needs.


CAOBA takes great pride in using only the finest hardware and weather seals from Europe and the US. Our operating hardware is corrosion resistant for seaside use and our finish colors will compliment any color scheme.

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