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Aluminum Clad Wood Entry Doors - Custom Modern Collection, Chicago

Aluminum Clad Wood Entry Doors - Custom Modern Door Collection

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Aluminum Clad Wood Doors

What is an Aluminum Shield?

No matter how high quality your wood door is, due to the nature of wood, it is susceptible to the elements. Our Aluminum Shield is the solution to this. The Aluminum Shield is a layer of aluminum that is placed in front of the wood veneer on the outside of the door (only on the exterior). It is incredibly weather-proof and maintenance-free.

Why Aluminum Shield and Not just a Wood Door?

High-quality wooden doors are elegant, beautiful, and resistant to the elements — so why choose Aluminum Shield? The aluminum shield does not just protect the door, it offers a new aesthetic that cannot be easily replicated. The aluminum outside is sleek and cool while the wooden inside is smooth and elegant. It’s a modern solution for a classic problem.

How Does The Aluminum Shield Work?

As the name suggests, the Aluminum Shield offers more protection than a traditional wood veneer. But a lot of considerations went into developing our Aluminum Shield Front Doors that separate it from typical aluminum cladding manufacturers. For example, our Aluminum Shield never actually touches the wood veneer. This is to eliminate any interference with vapor diffusion that would have most likely occurred.
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