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Aluminum Clad Modern Front Doors gallery, in-stock and custom doors

Aluminum Clad Modern Front Doors - Photo Gallery

Aluminum Clad Door Gallery

Wood front entry doors can have unparallelled beauty but they are susceptible to harsh environments and natural weather conditions due to the nature of wood. Our doors are much more durable than most manufacturers because they are made using Modern European Technology, but for those who would like a door with no maintenance and excellent protection, we recommend our aluminum shield technology. Our aluminum shield front doors fuse the elegance of pristine wood from inside of the house combined with the sleek durability of high quality metal from the exterior side of the door to make your front entrance more resistant to harsh weather conditions. So the outside is a sleek aluminum cladding surface and the inside is a beautifully crafted wood veneer. This differs from typical aluminum cladding because our aluminum “shield” never actually touches the wood since that would interfere with vapor diffusion.

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