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Carriage House Door Company: Contemporary Collection

Welcome to the epitome of modern elegance and bespoke craftsmanship. We are committed to bringing your architectural visions to life with our contemporary collection doors. Whether you're an architect designing the next landmark, a designer crafting personalized spaces, or a homeowner embarking on the journey of building or remodeling your dream home, our doors are the portal to unparalleled sophistication and style. learn more»

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Contemporary Garage Door Models

The Fusion of Artistry and Quality of Garage Doors

Every door in our contemporary collection is more than a mere entryway; it's a handcrafted masterpiece. Our dedicated artisans meticulously craft each door to your exact specifications, ensuring that your vision is realized down to the finest detail.

Garage Door Custom Made for Your Specific Tastes

We understand that uniqueness is key in your projects. That's why we offer fully custom-made doors tailored to your preferences. From size to design, each aspect is curated to blend seamlessly with your architectural narrative.

Exceptional Materials for Lasting Impressions

Our unfaltering commitment to quality is evident in our choice of materials. We handpick only the finest woods, ensuring durability, visual appeal, and timeless sophistication. Each door tells its own story of luxury, stability, and charm.

Endless Glass Options for Every Design

Our contemporary collection offers an extensive array of glass options to let natural light cascade into your spaces while maintaining privacy and elegance. Choose from clear, frosted, tinted, or textured glass to tailor the ambiance of any room.  We can also source custom glass solutions to give your door the perfect custom touch and look your project requires.

Modern Metals for a Bold Statement

For those seeking to add a contemporary edge to their home or project, our metal options stand ready to make a statement. From the weathered intrigue of Corten steel to the sleek allure of stainless steel, anodized aluminum, hot rolled steel, and copper, our doors can cater to the most avant-garde tastes.

Your Vision, Our Craftsmanship

At Carriage House Door Company, your vision takes center stage. Our contemporary collection gives you the freedom to express your creativity and the assurance of unparalleled craftsmanship. Experience the blend of art and function as we turn your concepts into realities. We invite architects, designers, and homeowners to explore the possibilities and imagine the impact our doors can have on your next project. Begin your journey towards a modern, custom-crafted statement piece that will transform the aesthetics of any dwelling.