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Glass & Steel Interior Doors - Model: STL-W3-In-Stock

Narrow stiles and rails along with plenty of window space make our collection of steel interior doors modern, practical, and light. These minimalist collections are a great addition to any industrial or commercial space like an office, restaurant, or store. And they are ideal for any residential home, condominium or apartment. Steel interior doors complement modern, industrial, transitional, and traditional architectural styles.

Quick-Ship Door Models

Single - Narrow (Quick-Ship)

Steel & Glass Interior Door STL-W3 Quick-Ship in Chicago
STL-W3 Quick-Ship Steel Interior Door
Single - Narrow (Quick-Ship)
Unit: 32 x 96"

Double - Narrow (Quick-Ship)

Steel & Glass Interior Door STL-W3-DD Quick-Ship in Chicago
STL-W3-DD Quick-Ship Steel Interior Door
Double - Narrow (Quick-Ship)
Unit: 60 x 96"
Door Corner Sample


The specially designed shape of the profiles, the highest quality galvanised steel, and the 2mm wall of the steel profiles make it possible to produce exceptionally thin door frames without compromising durability, and lasting for decades

Glass Available

Clear glass

Types of Fittings Available

Steel handle (1-point lock, opened only with a handle)

Steel Door Handle - Modern handle
Steel Door Handle - Square handle

Steel & Glass Interior Door Installation

  • General Instructions
  • Installer and Builder Information
  • Installation Tools
  • Wall Opening Preparation
  • How to Determine Unit Size Base on Your Finished Opening
  • Installing Door Frame
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