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Glass & Steel Interior Doors - Model: STL-W4-Barn

Sliding Barn Doors

Our Steel and Glass Interior Barn Door seamlessly combines contemporary and traditional elements, elevating the ambiance of any room with its exquisite design. A plethora of configurations and designs are available for this model, offering versatility and options to suit different preferences. The models are plentiful, and you can choose a minimalist and refined version without mullions, or a more intricate design featuring mullions and/or a solid steel plate. Versatile and refined, this sophisticated door is equally suitable for both residential and commercial environments.

slabs are available in 30, 34, 36" width and other custom sizes


Steel & Glass Interior Door STL-W4-Barn in Chicago
STL-W4-Barn Steel Interior Door
Slab: 36 x 96"
Unit: 36 x 96"


Steel & Glass Interior Door STL-W4-DD-Barn in Chicago
STL-W4-DD-Barn Steel Interior Door
Slab: 36 x 96"
Unit: 72 x 96"
Door Corner Sample


The specially designed shape of the profiles, the highest quality galvanised steel, and the 2mm wall of the steel profiles make it possible to produce exceptionally thin door frames without compromising durability, and lasting for decades

Colors Available

Steel Exterior Door Color - RAL-7016
Steel Exterior Door Color - RAL-7021
Steel Exterior Door Color - RAL-9004
Steel Exterior Door Color - RAL-9005
Steel Door Color - RAL-9003

Glass Available

Clear glass
Satinato glass
Bronze  Glass
Graphite  Glass
Satinato-Graphite glass
Dark-Graphite glass
Fluted glass
Fluted-Matt glass
Estriado glass
Wired glass

Types of Fittings Available


Steel Door Handle - Steel handrail 20
Steel Door Handle - Steel handle 25
Steel Door Handle - Pull 30
Steel Door Handle - Pull 50

Steel & Glass Interior Door Installation

  • General Instructions
  • Installer and Builder Information
  • Installation Tools
  • Wall Opening Preparation
  • How to Determine Unit Size Base on Your Finished Opening
  • Installing Door Frame
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