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Doors For Builders is Proud to Announce a New Line of Front Doors: Aluminum Shield Front Entry Doors

Aluminum Clad Front Door

Wooden doors can be absolutely stunning but they can be worn down by harsh weather and conditions. Using modern European technology, Doors For Builders already produces incredibly durable, high-quality wood doors. But for those who would like a weather-proof door while maintaining the beauty of a traditional wooden door, look no further than Doors For Builders’ new line of Aluminum Shield Front Doors.

Modern, sleek metal doors fused with classic wood

Aluminum Shield Front Doors are made of two major components. The first is an exquisite solid wood body. Using Modern European technology, the inside of the wood has an innovative sandwich design that increases thermal insulation and durability as a whole. The second part is a pristine aluminum cladding on the exterior of the door that offers unprecedented protection against the elements. Doors For Builders’ cladding differs from many other manufacturers because the metal never actually touches the wooden slab. By having a layer of separation, Doors For Builders is able to eliminate issues with vapor diffusion, making the cladding a true “shield.” On top of the great weather resistance, the Aluminum Shield Front Doors require very little maintenance compared to traditional front doors. Whether it is snow, rain, or wind, aluminum cladding is the best kind of protection.

All Aluminum Shield Doors Are Customizable With Several Veneers

Aluminum Shield Front Doors are not only perfect for a durable front door; they also create a beautiful and unique aesthetic that cannot be easily replicated. The doors come in various wood veneers along with many Aluminum Shield finish colors and custom options.

Learn more about Aluminum Shield Front Doors and Custom Front Doors

 You can find out more about Doors For Builders in our FAQ. Please contact Doors For Builders if you have any additional questions or if you would like to purchase an Aluminum Shield Front Door.

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