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Pivot Doors – Doors For Builders Announces a New Commitment

Pivot Doors

Doors For Builders is proud to announce the introduction of a new line of Pivot doors that the United States has never seen before at this scale. Using advanced European technology, Doors For Builders is able to manufacture new, high-quality Pivot doors that can bring your home a modern look.

Doors For Builders Announces a New Commitment to Pivot Doors

Any home that would like a modern, contemporary and transitional style could use a Pivot door at the front entrance. Many people would like a large, classy front door that accentuates a home’s look but traditional doors have their limitations as their hinges can only take so much weight. The new Pivot door line solves this issue. Using a hinge that is offset from the side, and attached to the top and bottom of the frame, this new line can be larger than ever before. But outside of its practical purposes of taking more weight, Pivot doors are an elegant alternative to doors with traditional hinges. The swiveling hinge provides a sleek way to modernize the home without losing the practicality of a normal door.

Improving on the Pivot door design other companies in the US use, Doors For Builders implements multipoint locking systems and rabbeted jambs on every Pivot door. This eliminates warping and increases insulation, even on doors that are as wide as 8 ft. With Pivot doors, you get form and function.

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You can learn more about Doors For Builders in our new FAQ for Pivot Doors. Please contact Doors For Builders if you have any additional questions or if you would like to purchase a Pivot door.

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