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Custom Solid Wood Interior Doors

Custom Solid Wood Interior Doors

Custom Interior Doors have come a long way through the ages. In the American Colonies of the 17th century, a custom interior door would be “constructed of vertical boards nailed together with two or more horizontal battens on the rear. The doors were then decorated with scratched or carved designs on the vertical boards, chamfering on the battens or sponge painting.”

By the early 19th century, a “Grand Home” would have interior doors that could be described as follows: “Internal carved doors follow a four or six panel carved division, with crisp, attenuated carved panel moldings. Surrounds are wide and shallow, and the door cases sometimes have an architectural head in the Neo-Grecian taste or details in one of the “fancy” styles of the day: Gothic, Chinoiserie or Egyptian.

A 21st Century Custom Interior Door from Doors for Builders incorporates expert craftsmanship, time proven engineered specifications, and a hand applied multiple step finish to the most unique and creative designs of our customers.

If you need custom interior doors for the library, bedroom, a wine cellar, or any other special room and are not sure where to start, please contact us and our experts will make it easy for you.

A custom interior door from Doors for Builders is the finishing touch on any special room!

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