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Do you offer Jamb Extension for your doors?

We offer Jamb extension for our in-stock wood entry door to fit a 2″ x 6″ wall construction.

If you are building a home with a wall studs, 2″ x 6″ we do offer in-stock 2″ jamb extensions.

The jamb extensions will be applied by your fine carpenter to the exterior side of the frame to achieve the desired 6-9/16″ jamb size.

The jamb extensions we offer are manufactured from the same wood species as the door and they come pre-finished in the same stain color. This allows for the jamb extensions to look as part of the door design.

If you require a larger than the standard 4-9/16″ or 6-9/16″ jambs, we can custom make the custom jamb extension for you and have it pre-finished in our professional spray booth to match the color of the door unit.