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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Wood Front Doors FAQ

Can Homeowners Purchase Wood Doors From Doors For Builders?

Doors for Builders has its doors open to the General Public and private individuals. We are happy to help our customers whether they are building a new home or renovating and turning their existing one into their dream house. On our website you can click on the door model you are interested in and fill out our quote request form or you are welcome to give us a call at 847 981 9900 to help you decide if one our in-stock solid mahogany doors…

How To Measure Front Door?

When first starting the search to replace your front door, it is always best to have a rough idea of the size you need to be focusing your search on, and if that size is a standard size or a custom unit. We strongly recommend having a professional installer take the final measurements to ensure the proper fit of the unit. When it comes to doors there are four different dimensions that are typically referred to: Brick Opening/Masonry Opening  •  Rough Opening  •  Unit Size…

Are your solid wood doors truly wood?

Your prices are so competitive and reasonable. Are your doors truly wood? Yes, we can offer you the best possible pricing on pre-finished, pre-hung, solid Cherry, Mahogany, Ash, Knotty Alder, Teak, and other exotic woods, because we produce the doors ourselves and offer factory direct pricing to the client. Our competitors cannot do this as they simply sell a product provided by someone else. Our quality and pricing is unbeatable even for custom units.

Do you offer Jamb Extension for your doors?

We offer Jamb extension for our in-stock wood entry door to fit a 2″ x 6″ wall construction. If you are building a home with a wall studs, 2″ x 6″ we do offer in-stock 2″ jamb extensions. The jamb extensions will be applied by your fine carpenter to the exterior side of the frame to achieve the desired 6-9/16″ jamb size. The jamb extensions we offer are manufactured from the same wood species as the door and they come pre-finished in the same stain color….

What is Brick Moulding? Do I need it?

Brick Moulding is the exterior wooden trim that is applied on the exterior of the door unit to cover the connection point between the door frame and the wall stud where the door unit is installed. Do I need to have Brick Moulding? Yes, most of the projects require exterior brick moulding even if they have siding and not a brick facade. Appling brick moulding gives a clean finished look for your front entrance and hides the connecting point between the door unit and the…

Modern Eco Interior Doors FAQ

What is a Veneer?

A veneer is a thin layer of wood that is applied to the surface of a door that gives it its smooth finish.

What is Eco Veneer?

Eco Veneer is a type of veneer that is able to look almost identical to natural wood, but is created in a man made process that allows it to be eco-friendly.

What types of locks can I put on my Eco Veneer Doors?

There are three different lock options: Passage, Privacy, and Key.

  • Passage has no lock, and cannot be locked on either side
  • Privacy has a lock on one side and cannot be opened from the other side
  • Key has a lock on one side, but can also be opened by a key (that comes with the door) from the other side

What are the benefits of a Magnetic Lock?

Magnetic locks are better than traditional locks because they are more discreet and easier to use. When you close a door with a magnetic lock, a magnet pulls the lock towards the frame automatically. Most high end, modern doors use this technology.

How are Concealed Hinges better than Traditional Hinges?

Concealed hinges as the name suggests, hides the hinges inside the slab and the frame of the door, allowing for sleek look that doesn’t distract from the door design.

The second benefit is the adjustability of the hinges. As the door may settle over time, or react to changes in humidity, the door may need adjustment to function optimally. In a normal door, this can be challenging and time consuming but with adjustable hinges, the issue can be resolved easily and quickly.

Where can I purchase a Modern Interior Door from the Eco Veneer Line?

You can find our entire selection of Eco Veneer doors here.

Where should I go if I have more questions?

If your question was not covered, please feel free to contact us.