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Show with Matching or Black or White Jamb & Casing:

Jamb Color - Black
Jamb Color - Black
Jamb Color - White

If you're looking for a door that fits well with minimalist, bright and contemporary interiors, the DB-ECV-SB1 line is a great choice. Its even and polished surface makes it easy to use and fosters a comfortable living environment. The delicate glazing provides an adequate amount of natural light.

DB-ECV-SB1 Collection Line

Available in Synthetic Eco Veneer Options:

Ecoline Interior Door Colors - 02-White-Mottled-Oak
Ecoline Interior Door Colors - 05-Ecru-Oak
Ecoline Interior Door Colors - 06-Natural-Oak
Ecoline Interior Door Colors - 07-Cappuccino-Oak
Ecoline Interior Door Colors - 08-Rustic-Oak
Ecoline Interior Door Colors - 09-Oiled-Oak
Ecoline Interior Door Colors - 11-Chocolate-Oak
Ecoline Interior Door Colors - 01-White-Matte
Ecoline Interior Door Colors - 12-Black-Matte
Ecoline Interior Door Colors - 13-Graphite-Matte
Ecoline Interior Door Colors - 14-Midnight-Blue
Ecoline Interior Door Colors - 15-Light-Gray
Ecoline Interior Door Colors - 03-Ash-Walnut

Handles Available

Ecoline Interior Door Handle - Telesta
Shown in Black Matte & Satin Gold

Available in Black Matte, Black Matte x Satin Chrome, Black Matte x Satin Gold, Black Matte x Satin Brass

Ecoline Interior Door Handle - Mistico
Shown in Black Structure

Available in Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome, Grafit Structure, Black Structure

Ecoline Interior Door Handle - Unico
Shown in Graphite Structure

Available in Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome, Grafit Structure, Black Structure

Ecoline Interior Door Handle - Organic
Shown in Satin Chrome

Available in Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome, Grafit Structure, Black Structure

Ecoline Interior Door Handle - Cube
Shown in Black Matte

Available in Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome, Black Matte, Gold, Satin Gold

Ecoline Interior Door Handle - Ibiza
Shown in Polished Shrome

Available in Polished Chrome

Ecoline Interior Door Handle - Bella
Shown in Gold

Available in Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome, Black Matte, Gold, Satin Gold

Handle Finishes Available:

Ecoline Interior Door Colors - 01-Chrome
Ecoline Interior Door Colors - 02-Chrome-Satin
Ecoline Interior Door Colors - 04-Gold
Ecoline Interior Door Colors - 11-Gold-Satin
Ecoline Interior Door Colors - 03-Black-Matte
Ecoline Interior Door Colors - 07-Antique-Brass
Ecoline Interior Door Colors - 08-Grafit-Structure
Ecoline Interior Door Colors - 09-Black-Structure


  • SAFETY - thanks to the layered structure and durable in the foil layer, the glass retains its cohesion during breakage does not produce shrapnel which does not cause injuries.
  • HYGIENIC - thanks to the smooth surface on both sides no microbes adhere to it.
  • EASY TO KEEP CLEAN - does not discolor and leaves no streaks when cleaning.
  • RESISTANT TO "HOUSEHOLD CHEMICALS" - can be used household cleaners.
  • RESISTANT TO SCRATCHES - smooth and very hard glass surface resistant to scratching and abrasion during cleaning.
  • SOUNDING - significantly thanks to its layered structure reduces the level of noise transmitted to the room.

Clear glass view example
Satinato glass view example
Smoke glass view example
Smoke glass view example

Decorative Inlay Available:

Inlay Color - Chrome
view example
Inlay Color - Copper
view example
Inlay Color - Black
view example



The Ecoline collection swinging doors come prehung and ready to install with standard hinges included. The magnetic latch, levers, and frame with integrated casing are also included in the purchase, making it a complete package. The door features high-quality materials, expert European craftsmanship, and sleek designs, ensuring durability, stability, and style.


The Ecoline Collection sliding door options come complete with everything you need for installation. The package includes a sliding track, detailed jambs, a track enclosure, and a standard flush pull. No additional purchases are necessary to enjoy the smooth, seamless operation of your Ecoline sliding door.


Our Ecoline Collection's standard barn door package includes the door track and a flush pull handle. This makes it a complete solution for your barn door needs, ensuring a smooth and seamless installation process. The Ecoline Collection offers a range of versatile, stylish barn doors to complement any interior design.


Our Ecoline Collection pocket door options come complete with both the pocket door frame and a standard flush pull. All components necessary for installation are included in your purchase, making it convenient and easy to get your new doors up and running. The sleek, minimalistic design of the Ecoline Collection offers a sophisticated touch to any modern home.

Interior Modern Door Cross Section


Our state of art engineered core structure comes with enhanced stability to provide great performance, enhanced soundproofing, and durability for years to come.


Our stiles are made from engineered solid wood pieces to provide enhanced stability to prevent warping and to provide stable core to mortise concealed hinges and magnetic locks into a slab.



Our veneering technology uses special high quality manufacturing processes combined with the finest adhesive system which eliminates common issues of peeling often experienced by other manufacturers. Our doors come with a smooth and uniform surface.


Modern European Eco Collection Interior Doors

The beauty of natural wood combined with man-made, environmentally-friendly veneers culminates in the alluring Ecoline collection. Exquisite European craftsmanship and premium technology seamlessly blend to actualize the iconic, sleek, minimalist Ecoline designs that serve as the foundation of any modern home.


Hardware: Magnetic Lock

Ecoline doors are offered with Italian-style magnetic locks, characterized by their minimalistic design and smooth operation. The receiving latch is made of ABS polymer, which provides a soft, quiet feel when closing. Our magnetic locks are compatible with Ecoline handles as well as selections from Linea Cali.

Available in 4 finishes: Chrome, Gold, White, Black.

Concealed Hinge

Concealed hinges round off the flush appearance of our the Ecoline collection, without sacrificing strength or durability. The hinges offer adjustment options to ensure a perfect fit.


Hardware Color Options (Concealed Hinges & Lock):

Hardware Color - Chrome
Hardware Color - Gold
Hardware Color - White
Hardware Color - Black


We offer frame with standard width, the masking band is 3.15". Newly developed structure of vertical stiles with a core wooden, increases the strength of the wings by more than half door bending and lifts them more than twice stiffness in relation to traditional MDF stiles, which we have confirmed by laboratory tests.